Goals and mission

Welcome to www.placefortalents.com – this is a place where you can:

  • Show and offer copyrighted materials;
  • Serve as an example and inspiration to others;
  • Discuss all topics related to talent and its development;
  • Show what you are capable of;
  • Communicate with people of art from the whole world;
  • Share copyrighted materials and creations in different categories and areas;
  • Advertise your projects;
  • We offer this platform for free and we do not collect any taxes;
  • You may comment, like and evaluate the work and talent of the people from around the world;
  • You may participate regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur. Everyone who thinks that he/she possesses any talent may show this on our web site. This site is for people with different talents in different areas.
  • You may post in different languages without any restrictions;

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